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What Happens In SQUINT?

Squint or Strabismus is the disorder where the eyes do not line up together in the same direction. Misalignment of eyes and can lead to disruption of the visual development process. This problem is often detected in childhood. Squint eye treatment should not be neglected. It can be corrected as early as when the child is 6 months of age. We have many successful stories of Squint eye treatment in children by our experienced best squint surgeon in India. We also offer adult squint eye treatment in Noida.


How Do I Know if I Have SQUINT?


If you have squint(strabismus), you may observe:

Crossed Eyes
Crossed Eyes
Double Vision
Double Vision
Uncoordinated Eye Movements
Uncoordinated Eye Movements
Double Vision (Diplopia)
Double Vision (Diplopia)
Loss of Depth Perception
Loss of Depth Perception
Changing Prescription of Specs
Changing Prescription of Specs

Understanding Squint Eye Treatment

Types Of Squint
  • Esotropia – The condition when eye turns inwards towards the nose
  • Exotropia – The condition when eye turns outwards away from the nose
  • Hypotropia – The condition when eye turns downwards towards the nose
  • Hypertropia – The condition when eye turns upwards away from the nose
Squint Eye Treatment Option

Squint does not correct on its own. We offer a holistic approach when it comes to squint correction in India. Based on a comprehensive evaluation by our squint specialist in delhi, squint eye treatment plan is created. It is often a stepwise approach involving:-

Orthoptic exercises can be advised in cases of convergence insufficiency.

Patching therapy (occlusion therapy) can be done in children under 10yrs of age if the child has amblyopia (lazy eye) leading to squint.

If the squint is due to refractive error, it can be connected by prescribing suitable spectacles. Prisms: Prisms can be advised in patients with paralytic squint to deplete diplopia. It is also given to patients after evaluation if the deviation is very less.

Misaligned eyes can be straightened by surgical intervention (Mainstay of treatment in adults).

Post Treatment Care
  • E/d antibiotics, E/d steroids, E/d Lubricant 1 month
  • Oral antibiotic, Oral painkiller X 1 Month
  • Strictly avoid rubbing of eyes.
  • Avoid rinsing of eyes with water
  • Use medication timely
  • After 1 day
  • After 1 week
  • After 3 week

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not always. It can be associated with decreased vision or diplopia (double vision). Loss of binocular vision (ability to use the Eyes together) can lead to loss of fine stereopsis (depth perception) and peripheral visual field.

No – A true squint will not get better by itself, and early detection and advice on treatment is very important. The size of a squint may reduce with glasses or with treatment to help vision, both of which can make it less noticeable.

The child is thoroughly assessed to know the type of squint as it is very important to note the vision and fixation pattern in both eyes. The spectacle power and degree of squint will be examined till he grows up. Any residual squint that may not be corrected by spectacle can be corrected by surgery. Few eye diseases like:

Amblyopia / Lazy Eye- This is treated by Patching/Occluding the good eye. The weaker eye is encouraged to work harder with visual activities such as colouring and reading while a patch is on.

Surgery: – Sometimes this is the only choice to straighten the eye. If done at appropriate time results can be very good and 3D vision can develop.

It is not uncommon for more than one operation to be necessary. This does not mean that something has gone wrong but that fine-tuning is needed to obtain the best straight alignment. Sometimes the Squint is too Large and hence 2-stage Surgery is planned.

Double Vision may occur after straightening eyes that have been out of alignment for many years. However, it is generally a transient problem, lasting only a few weeks until the brain adapts to the new eye Position.

It is a Tewari Eye Centre Surgery with no hospitalization. The eye pad is removed the next day and eyedrops are instilled a couple of times during the next weeks. Since it is an external surgery there is no effect on the vision. Most of the times external sutures are absorbable and do not have to be removed. Though the eyes may be red initially but a person can join back his office in a couple of days.

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