Presbyopia is a condition in which a person gradually loses his power to see near objects. It typically starts at around 40 years of age and slowly progresses over the next 2 decades. It’s a normal ageing process and not a disease per se.

Q: What can I do to halt this process? 

Since it’s a normal ageing process there is not much that one can do. But yes, a good and healthy lifestyle can slow the progression .

Q: Can any exercises make difference ?

Again, exercises can only slow the progression but eventually your glass power will increase to about +2.50D for near vision work .

Q: I’ve suddenly noticed that after this presbyopia has started I have difficulty in distance vision work also?

Minor fluctuations can occur in distance vision also as the age progresses so that is normal.

Q: Hey is there anyway to treat this presbyopia?

Yes, presbyopia can be easily corrected with glasses which can be progressive or bifocals. Other way to treat is through SUPRACOR – laser surgery. All though it is not the best way because the number keeps on fluctuating with time and repeat procedure may be needed. It is advised only in selected patients. Another very important and good way to improve symptoms of presbyopia is through multi focal and trifocal lenses which can be implanted in the eye at the time of cataract surgery.

Q: What are the symptoms of presbyopia ?

A: Difficulty in near vision work, insomnia, fatigue, headaches and tiredness by the end of the day. Some people even feel nauseous also if the symptoms are left unchecked . This condition may also mimic as migraine.

Q: What are the precautions while making glasses in presbyopia ?

If you are not already wearing spectacles for distance vision then it is always recommended that you initially wear a bifocal glass and get adjusted to it and only then switch over to progressive glass. If you are already wearing a glass for distance vision then you can directly switch to progressive glasses. Initially you may find difficulty in climbing stairs and looking at the ground after wearing these glasses. It takes about 10 days to get adjusted to this new way of looking through these glasses. You can also choose to make just near vision glasses if you’re reading work is limited.