It is a communicable eye condition and can spread very rapidly. In common tongue its called eye flu. It spreads by the means of contaminated tears coming in contact with the subject. It normally takes 2-4 week to resolve. Occasionally if cornea is involved then it may take several months to completely resolve.

Preventive care/ Instructions:

  1. Do not rub the eyes as it may only worsen the situation.
  2. Disease spreads by contact so whenever you touch your eye make sure to clean your hands with soap and water.
  3. Keep separate bed sheets, towel, pillow cover, blankets etc. If possible use a separate bathroom.
  4. Preventing the spread to family members at home and co-workers at office is equally important because this condition can cross infect.
  5. Do not start any treatment as a prophylaxis in the fellow eye because instilling drops in a normal eye can predispose it to infection from the infected eye.
  6. No contact should start any medication without ophthalmologist consultation because all cases of viral conjunctivitis do not require topical steroids and injudicious use of the same can lead to flare up of the condition.
  7. Congestion and redness typically subsides within a week of starting the treatment eye drops may have to be continued for much longer as the disease remains in its dormant stage. Patients can be infective to others even after conjunctivitis episode has subsided clinically.